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Centara Properties LLC© 

 "Your Exclusive Concierge in Real Estate Dealings and More"


Income, Capital Growth & Returns


We identify locations that have significant potential for STRONG RETURNS, in areas which have recently benefitted from wider inward investment in transport infrastructure, or are already well-established as desirable destinations.


In case our customers decide to RENT the property, our goal as the manager for their income property is to increase the value of their Real Estate(s) Investment. We provide stability and security with carefully screened tenants, regular inspections, timely response to maintenance issues, accurate financials and unsurpassed vendor management. Our staff is well trained and available, and our services are designed to be flexible to fit any needs.


Property Owners can feel confident that their property is being represented in a professional and competent manner and given the exposure that will ensure a successful rental and future sale.


Having an income property managed by a professional property management can save time and improve our customers’ bottom line. With our experience, CENTARA PROPERTIES LLC has the knowledge, staff and industry contacts to effectively manage any residential investment property in the desired location.

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