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Centara Properties LLC© 

 "Your Exclusive Concierge in Real Estate Dealings and More"



  • CENTARA PROPERTIES LLC is a Marketing Brand of an experienced Real Estate Investment Consultancy Firm providing comprehensive services ranging from strategic planning to property management to institutional investors and entrepreneurial individuals in U.S. & across the world.

  • CENTARA PROPERTIES LLC provides a vertically-integrated platform that includes distinctive property acquisitions in area's most iconic neighbourhoods.  Just like a "Concierge" service, we offer property management & redevelopment management when needed. The company holds a solid track record for moving quickly on opportunities, executing efficiently on strategy, and delivering superior financial performance to investors.

  • While every property in our portfolio is unique, all share the same ideals, high quality standards, practicality and Investment Security. And all come with our guarantee of excellent customer service!

  • With a wealth of experience, CENTARA PROPERTIES LLC provides a full spectrum of services which suits the circumstances and needs of each of our customers. Our core lies in fact on the consciousness that every individual’s situation is unique.

  • We have at our disposal an EXTENSIVE NETWORK of true professionals, including strictly-selected Realtors, Property Managers, Law Firms, Chartered Accountants, Insurance Companies able to offer our distinctive clientele personalized solutions to suit each specific request.

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