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Why Should You Invest in San Francisco Real Estate? 


  1. San Francisco is one of the world's most competitive real-estate markets

  2. San Francisco Bay Area is home to one of the largest & most dynamic metropolitan economies in the world, exceeding $500 billion in annual gross domestic product

  3. Housing market is “Red-Hot

  4. Quality of Life

  5. High returns on Real Estate Investment

  6. Rates on the rise

  7. Mortgage rates are at their lowest since 2012, but they wont last forever.  This window of opportunity may be closing soon

  8. That makes this the perfect time for low-income and first time buyers to buy a home

  9. Skyrocketing Rents

  10. After the housing collapse, many homeowners were forced to rent again. Now rent is as high as a mortgage payment

  11. Dwindling Inventory

  12. Buyers who have been waiting for the market to stabilize are now taking advantage of the low interest rates 

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