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Why Should You Invest in New York Real Estate?


  1. Voted the most attractive destination for Real Estate Investment dollars coming from outside the U.S.

  2. Most populous city in the U.S. and global hub of international business and commerce

  3. In addition of being the finance capital of the world, the city is a major center for Real Estate, EducationResearch, Media, Culture, Fashion, Entertainment, Arts

  4. The City just attracts high potential and talented people within almost ALL industries

  5. Unique cultural diversity, reflected in the wide array of activities and restaurants

  6. 52 million visitors and continues to be the U.S.’s premiere city destination

  7. Total impact of tourism is north of $70 billion

  8. With over a 100 universities represented in NY area, the Big Apple is also home to over a million students

  9. NYC’s fashion industry employs 173,000 people, accounting for 5.7% of the City’s workforce

  10. Home to more than 75 major fashion trade shows plus thousands of showrooms, NYC attracts hundreds of thousands of fashion visitors each year


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